About Copyright

Regarding the Use of a Copyrighted Work

All publications, images, texts, and characters on Gakken Group's website are copyrighted, and their rights protected by the Copyright Act. Our group prohibits the unauthorized use of these materials over publications or on the internet or Internet in the following manner (but not limited thereto):

  • Publishing all or a portion of the binding, contents, table of contents, etc. of the published works.
  • Publishing summaries of the published works or novels based on copyrighted works, etc.
  • Publishing all or a portion of the images, texts, comics, characters, etc.
  • Publishing self-drawn pictures (including parodies) of the copyrighted images, comics, characters, etc.
  • Publishing and converting the published works, images, and comics into wallpaper, icons, computer software, etc.
  • Publishing all or a portion of the images and/or computer programs of the website.

These above acts constitute an infringement of copyrights, regardless of whether the purpose was for-profit or non-profit. Please note that in the event of such infringement, we may be forced to take legal action.

Regarding the use of a copyrighted work by a school or other educational institutions:

Please refer to the following guidelines and flowcharts when using copyrighted materials in schools and other educational institutions.

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