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Toy & Stationery

Educational Toys

  • NB Fire Engine Bottle
    Red transparent fire engine case! You can make not only a fire engine but also an assembly robot, a helicopter, a ship and more (with instruction guide).
  • NB Vehicle Set
    It comes with the head parts for airplane and truck. You can also build popular police car and fire engine (with instruction guide).
  • Easy-to-understand:100 Beads Abacus
    Children can develop the sense of numbers and arithmetic while playing with 100 Beads Abacus.
  • Kuru Kuru Clock
    It shows how to read the minutes and hours for children since each hour ball will turn to minute indication when a long-needle goes over it.
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Communication Tools

  • BD Laser Pop-up Card (Eiffel Tower)
    It was chosen and announced as the winner of Trendy’s Awards in greeting card category at New York Stationery Show.
  • Today's Happy Pack
    Cute letter and envelope set
  • Fusen (tag) Collection (Panda )
    Tags collection of Panda theme.
  • Fusen (tag) Collection (Pink cat)
    Tags collection of Cat theme.
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  • Cornell Method Notebook
    Note-taking system was developed by Cornell University. It’ll increase the efficiency of note-taking and quality of learning.
  • Pen Pouch with Belt
    The popular motif “Black Cat” and “Eiffel Tower” debut in A6 size! They’ll fit the small-sized A6 size notebook!
  • Decoration Seal for Cover
    Cute seal which can be peeled off. It can be used repeatedly.
  • SHE The Tape by Sheri Set
    Designer masking-tape with a lot of pretty patterns !
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Tools & Items for School / Preschool

  • Constructive Triangles
    It is a set of wooden triangular plates in various shapes and colors. You can make various shapes by combining the black line between the triangles.
  • Softy Locker
    Storage furniture with the sides wrapped with a soft cushion material. Easy to use design even for two to three-year-olds child.
  • Pink Tower
    It is a wooden cube from ten blocks that are painted pink. It is an excellent teaching tool as one side of the cub is varied from 1cm to 10cm on 1cm.
  • Strange Observation Kit
    Observe the insect and flowers from a variety of angles.
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