Primary-school's material

  • Develop thinking skills with a variety of story and figure problems!

    Gakken After School targets story problem solving skills with plenty of problems rich in variety. They are designed so that as students work through each problem they will naturally acquire and improve their logical thinking skills. It’s a whole world apart from the repetitive drills of other brands.

  • Acquire real learning skills, and the ability to apply them!

    In the education of the future, knowledge alone will no longer suffice—real life problem-solving skills will be essential. Gakken’s materials are designed to teach the students the how-to of comprehending and solving problems as they study. They’ll learn to apply the core skills as they acquire them.

  • Attain a deep understanding with systematically structured materials.

    Our materials categorize the materials into well-thought study areas and systematically organize them step-by-step. As such, when our students stumble on a new concept, all they have to do is go back one step. Thus, they can keep learning without ever getting lost.

  • Gakken’s original education materials offer a complete learning experience, teaching not only the basics and core skills but how to actually apply them.