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In this science experiment classroom, children focus on answering the whys and hows of science, and develop a scientific approach with hands-on experiments. Children get to actually experience science for themselves. The Gakken science program is an “edutainment class”, combining education and entertainment to make science more appealing and fun for children.

Science Experiment Classroom

An after-school learning program designed to help children master the basics of math. Today, over 400,000 students in Japan study math with this program every month. Students can experience the joy of understanding and achieving using the program's original materials and curriculum. Designed to steadily enhance academic ability and boost students' confidence in their math skills.

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Math Classroom

Using space in pre-school facilities, we have playrooms that stimulate the children's intellectual curiosity with educational materials and tools that make science fun. These are Gakken Classroom for Young Children. These classrooms are tailored to the students' levels to cultivate their character and number skills, as well as their imaginations, and to help them develop the skills they need for life.

Intellectual Development Classroom


  • Otona no Kagaku(Science for Adults Magazine
    A series of science-based kits that satisfy your curiosity about science and make it fun to learn more about basic scientific principles. A variety of kits you can put together and do scientific experiments by yourself.
  • Actual Size Zoo
    This dynamic picture book brings to life a real zoo with actual-size pictures of animal faces. Readers get a feel for how big the animals really are, and what their fur and muscles are actually like.
  • Smart Arithmetic
    We deliver materials form the Miyamoto Arithmetic school, the star of the junior high school entrance exam world.
  • Workbooks
    Designed for ages 2 to 6, these workbooks help children practice and develop the basic mathematical skills that they learn in elementary school.