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Digital Business

E-book Store

We provide digital publishing through various sales channels, including Gakken E-book Store which sells Gakken Group publications and magazines that you can read on your iPhone or iPad.

Gakken E-book Store


The samurais ruled Japan for a long time. This app introduces 36 samurai warlords who played important roles during the Sengoku period.

Samurai Style

“Vision Tactics” is a visualization tool for coaches, teachers, and athletes to actually see and improve their own play tactics.

Vision Tactics

Other Digital Materials

Interactive SNS site to connect with Gakken Classroom teachers.


Rich collection of language software for preparation of exams, travel, and business conversation (The illustrated photo is Gakken DS for language learning).

Language Learning Software

Please note that the products given here are intended to introduce our business, not list products currently available.