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Books & Magazines


  • Gakken Japanese History “Manga”
    Easy-to-understand explanations of Japanese History using manga.
  • Play Together Series
    Picture books created to develop the cognitive abilities of babies less than 1 year old.
  • Learning for Good Kids
    Integrated picture book to encourage children’s curiosity.
  • I can do it, Characters and Numbers
    Study aid that introduces characters and progresses in steps.


  • Capa
    A magazine for the budding photographer! Packed with information on the latest products, readers can keep up-to-date with the camera scene while learning how to take better photos.
  • GetNavi
    Providing information about select products, mainly digital tools.
  • MU
    Non-fiction magazine that challenges the mysteries of the world.
  • Pichi Lemon
    Magazine for early teens focusing on fashion or girls’ life.
  • Animedia
    Interactive “anime” magazine for “anime” enthusiasts.
  • mer
    Fashion & lifestyle magazine starring girls just like you.
  • Emiko Kaminuma’s Chat & Cook
    Monthly magazine of Emiko Kaminuma’s popular TV cooking show.

Please note that the products given here are intended to introduce our business, not list products currently available.