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Gakken develops the housing, with special services for the elderly and also expands the own-home nursing services, with the purpose of allowing residents to continue living in the area where they are familiar with. By making the best use of our know-how, publication and educational materials, we plan, develop and operate daycare centers and kindergartens with an emphasis on offering appropriate “nurture” according to each child’s development stage, and providing well-balanced “education” for character formation. We offer each child the opportunity to live with a rich heart, and dreams and hopes for their future.

Elderly Care

Gakken provides facilities and services for ensuring the elderly to continue living independently with greater peace of mind. Cocofump series, serviced housing for the elderly provide nursing care facilities, clinic and other services, which allows elderly people to maintain their privacy and feel secure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also provide nursing care business, Cocofump kitchen and serviced housing consulting for the elderly. Staff members provide a variety of services ensuring the independence and comfort of the elderly residents.

Parenting Support

Gakken’s parenting support creates an environment to support children’s physical, emotional and intellectual growth matching to the growth stages of each child. Gakken is entrusted with the management of licensed/authorized daycare centers and children care centers, as well as parenting support facilities. Our children environment is established based on the integration of two principles: appropriate nurturing according to the each child’s development stage; and education supporting children’s independent activities. We design childcare and education curriculums that allow the support best suited for individual development.