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The lineup of Gakken publications offers something for everyone, including picture books, illustrated reference books, reading materials, study guides, how-to-books useful for daily life, educational books helpful for business skills, and interesting information and amusing entertainment magazines.

Books for Learning

Gakken is creating books that help to heighten children’s sensitivity, inspire their dreams and hopes, and develop an open and inquisitive mind with desire to learn, including children’s books, reference books, dictionaries and general educational books for adults.

General Books and Magazines

General books and magazines offer cutting-edge information, excitement and satisfaction to a rapidly diversified era. We publish enjoyable, entertaining and useful books that inspire dreams and give hopes to tomorrow, including magazines, books and supplement and music publications.

Digital Media

Believing in “intellectual curiosity anywhere”, we provide E-book Store "Book Beyond" for iPhone / iPad. In this app, you can buy E-books including educational materials, comics, novels and magazines. Visual and digital related media (smart-phone, mobile phone, digital dictionaries and game consoles, etc) are provided for all ages, from infants to university students to the general population.