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Other Business

Gakken Group has taken a new step as “a multi-level contents creation enterprise” and its products and services are not just limited to publications and education. We also offer support for employment, merchandise production and business activities. For every generation, we are committed to meet their needs with a variety of individual designed proposals, and doing our best to connect “person to person”, “person to enterprise” and “enterprise to enterprise”.

Supplies for Nurseries and Kindergartens

Gakken offers total support for the early childhood, period, with items and tools ranging from toys, equipment, monthly magazines and picture books all the way to uniforms and snacks. We apply the diverse collection of content we have developed over the course of our history to enrich and reinforce the educational world.

Employment Support

Gakken organizes “Industry Research Seminars” by inviting leading Japanese companies from many different industries. We offer career planning support, mock exams prior to job hunting activities, correction and advice on documents to be submitted. Gakken has a career support system adopted by over 400 universities, junior colleges and vocational schools. We connect people looking for job with companies looking for people.

Logistics Business

By applying diverse know-how to reduce costs and optimize logistics operations, Gakken offers the optimal service to customers with improved efficiency in logistics and distribution technology.

Research Institutes

Gakken always considers the importance of education for all ages. We are fascinated with the wonder of science and committed to sharing our passion.

Gakken Science Creation Institute is founded to provide “a venue for science” that inspires both children and adults to engage in creative scientific activities. We hold experimental events, lectures as well as TV show. We are also conducting a wide range of scientific activities in cooperation with educational institutions and universities mainly based in Japan, but also expanding to overseas such as India, Thailand and Taiwan.

Gakken Education Research Institute fulfills the function of the think tank in Gakken group, by gathering the information from MEXT and investigating the guidelines for future education. We have conducted original investigation on the living conditions survey of Japanese children for more than 20 years. We also do joint research with Japan Montessori Education Research Institute.