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“To teach” and “To foster”, Gakken Group prioritize in person-to-person communication and gives the shapes to “desire to learn” which everyone has in mind. In response to the current needs, by making sure that we thoroughly understand both the fundamental basics and current trends in education, this business of Comprehensive Educational Solutions develops the motivation for learning, the zest for living and imagination, abilities, and to foster any possible abilities and creativeness at regular schools, home and preparatory schools.

Gakken Classroom Business

“Done it!”, ”Made it!”, “Got it!”. We make sure that we provide the guidance that is tailor-made to match each child’s academic ability. Gakken Classrooms ensure that each pupil can only proceed advance to the next level after understanding what they are learning currently. Pupils can experience the joy of understanding and fun of it in this learning classroom which is so similar to the regular schools.

Cram School/Home Tutor Business

Gakken Juku Group companies share the same fundamental idea of education. While encouraging company synergy, and making the maximum use Group advantages, we are promoting cram schools in each community for infants through to students preparing for university entrance exams.

Preparatory School/Science Business


In Japan and in the world, we develop and promote new projects that nurture children’s future. Our science business offers children an opportunity to discover the excitement of learning through scientific experiments, and to nurture their curiosity, creativity and inventiveness. We also offer customized hands-on education and easy-to-understand materials.

Picture Book and Textbooks

We publish books tailored to fit children's development and intellectual curiosity, including monthly picture books for kindergartens and nursery schools. Besides, we publish textbooks of physical education and moral education for junior high schools students. Also We handle a large number of products in particular, educational materials that are useful for students with developmental disorders.