Mission, Vision, Behavior Guidelines

The Gakken Group has established the "Group Vision" for our goal and are developing our daily corporate activities, based on the universal value of the "Group Philosophy" with the spirit all our executives and employees share required.


Gakken Group hopes that everyone has fulfilling lives.
To this end, we provide inspiration, satisfaction, safety for today, and dreams and hopes for tomorrow.


Create Solutions Beyond Your Imagination

The moment when each person realizes their potential.
A platform that can turn dreams into reality.

We will pursue these infinite solutions that exist beyond your imagination.

We will listen closely to people’s worries and issues, and imagine the voices in their heart to offer new perspectives.
To fulfill people’s wishes, we sometimes need to question conventional wisdom. We must harness our wisdom and enthusiasm to achieve this.

We believe there is a new way of life that is beyond your imagination.

In this rapidly changing world, we will build new products and services from the ground up that are familiar to people around the world and that will be loved.
That is our wish. That is our mission.

Gakken Group will continue creating priceless value for our clients in such a way that it serves as a beacon of light that shines throughout people’s lives.

That is why Gakken Group will continue to strive to create new solutions beyond your imagination.

Behavior Guidelines

Think deeply for people and society.

Capture the potential needs of our clients and our society.

Keep on learning.

Embrace change and continue to improve ourselves.

Possess passion and speed.

Act with enthusiasm and act faster than anyone else.

Harness the power of the individual for the strength of the group.

Gather as a team and strive towards common goals.

Do not be satisfied with the status quo.

Pursue all possibilities beyond conventional wisdom.