Gakken Group Charter for the Environment

Gakken Group recognizes that it is a corporate social responsibility to contribute to build a sustainable society. We tackles various environmental issues proactively.(Certified ISO 14001 in May, 2004)

Based on “Gakken Group Charter for the Environment” and “Enviromental Policy”, we have actively promoted environmental education projects as well as reducing the environmental impact of our business activities.

We also established “Printing Paper Procurement Policy” as a responsiblility for publishing companies that use large amounts of paper.We are engaged in procurement of paper that is traceable and made from appropriate materials and procuring paper from companies that are environmentally responsible.

Gakken Group Charter for the Environment

We are all stewards of the earth, and to ensure we hand over beautiful planet to the next generation, through our publications and in our diverse business, Gakken Group encourages all people “to take care of the earth”, and in our corporate activities, we make positive efforts to promote environmental preservation.

Environmental policy

Gakken Group stipulates the following environmental policy and makes every effort to implement it.

  • We promote business and projects concerning environmental education and awareness.
  • We use resources efficiently and strive to carry out business activities with low environmental impact.
  • We establish environmental goals and targets and continuously revise and strive to improve results.
  • We comply with environmental laws and regulations, and related agreements that our group companies have established.
  • We ensure that all of our staff know this policy and disclose it to the public.

Printing Paper Procurement Policy

Gakken Group encourages the procurement of “paper that has a clear and traceable origin and is made of appropriate materials”.

  • Paper made of wood with confirmed legality.
  • Paper made of wood taken from sustainably managed forests.
  • Paper made of unusable wood, e.g. timber from forest-thinning, wood waste.
  • Paper made of collected and recycled resources(wastepaper)

Gakken Group procures paper from
“environmentally-friendly manufactures”.

  • Manufactures that carry out eco-friendly business activities, such as the establishment Environmental Management Systems.
  • Manufactures that give every consideration to safety and environmental concerns when using chemical substances.
  • Manufactures that are promoting papermaking with elemental chlorine-free bleaching treatment.