TOP Message

Representative Director

Hiroaki Miyahara

Aiming To Be a Leading Company in Education and Medical Welfare

The Gakken Group has supported education in Japan over more than 70 years since its establishment in 1946 based on the founder Hideto Furuoka's conviction, "Our postwar reconstruction really depends on nothing but education". Based on the knowledge we have built up over the years, we are currently promoting the monozukuri and kotozukuri in which customers play a leading role, centered on the two business areas of "Education" and "Medical Welfare".

For preschoolers, we provide picture books, educational toys and infant classes to allow their mind and body to grow healthily. For elementary and junior high school students, we provide places and opportunities for them to develop their consistent academic skills by creating a network of cram schools and classrooms including the Gakken classrooms, and providing after-school care as well as textbooks on ethics, health and physical education, picture books, study-aid books, and exercise books.

For high school students, undergraduates and vocational school students, we provide career education and employment support services, etc. so that they can choose their own course, acquiring consistent learning capabilities.

For working adults, we provide global information such as practical books, e-learning, and online English conversation classes for the DX era.

For the senior generation, we implement the Gakken-style community-based integrated care system and improve the QOL by providing comfortable housing for the elderly with services and group homes, research on the prevention of dementia, and home-visiting nursing care.

The Gakken Group aims to be a leading company in "Education" and "Medical Welfare" and will contribute to resolving various issues that the rapidly changing social environment requires by creating new value.

I would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation in the mission of the Gakken Group and thank you in advance for your further support in the future.