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Hiroaki Miyahara President, Representative Director Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd.

Hiroaki Miyahara
President, Representative Director
Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd.

Management Numerical Targets

Plan for FY 2020 (ending September 30, 2020)
Net sales of 140 billion yen, Operating income of 5.0 billion yen, Net income of 3.3 billion yen
Target for FY2023 (ending September 30, 2023)
Ratio of operating income to net sales of 5.0%, ROE of 8.0%, Dividend payout ratio of at least 30%

Management Policy

“Make inroads in developing the next generation using two growth engines.”
Today, as we face rapid changes in our business environment, Gakken will focus on achieving growth in the educational field and the healthcare and nursing care fields. To do this we will strive to continually provide quality products and services that will pave our way into the future so that we achieve improved corporate value through sustainable growth.

At Gakken, we are currently promoting our “Gakken 2020” medium-term management plan under the slogan of “using our combined strength to make inroads in developing the next generation.”
As part of these efforts, we continue to work unitedly as a Group to enhance our corporate value. In addition to providing new learning experiences by reforming business models in the field of education, we are also bringing about realization of the “Gakken Comprehensive Community Care System” by expanding and further enhancing services in the field of healthcare and nursing care.
Gakken sincerely appreciates your continued support and encouragement.