Water,Air,and Waste


Identifying of amount of inventory disposal waste

In accordance with the company's own procedures for dentifying the amount of inventory disposal waste, we indentify and record the amount and value of all inventory disposal waste, including the amount handled by Gakken Logistics Co., Ltd. Only maintenance items are continued from the 9th period.

Targets and Achievements

Main Initiatives

Since Gakken Group does not have factories that print publications or manufactures products, we do not currently have direct knowledge regarding the release of environmental pollutants into the water or air.
Therefore, we measure the amount of waste in the inventory system downstream, not upstream through activities such as printing or manufacturing. Inventory control is not only a matter of reducing environmental impacts but also a business issue because it directly leads to cost reductions. We promote various initiatives such as reducing editing errors, careful planning, and appropriate circulation.
Adding to that, Gakken Plus promotes to reduce plastic bags of magazines free gift.