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Expanding and improving services supporting people's lives in community

Gakken Group promotes Gakken’s Communitybased Integrated Care System with the aim of creating a society where everyone can continue to live with peace of mind in the local communities they are familiar with. We are engaged in various initiatives to create communities where people can live in ways that suit them, regardless of generation or physical and mental condition. This applies to everyone from newborns, to child rearing families, to aging people, to people with severe dementia, to those requiring a high degree of elderly care, to those with disabilities.
In the elderly care field, we opened 8 new serviced apartments for the elderly and 5 group homes. We opened a range of locations, from the Tokyo metropolitan area to western Japan, expanding the scope of the services we offer. We also opened two home-visit nursing care offices and strengthened the cooperation system between medical and elderly care. In the childcare field, we opened new authorized nursery schools and after school children's club, creating an environment that supports the growth of everyone from newborns to 12-year-olds, allowing child rearing households to continue living with peace of mind. We are expanding our business areas and contracted operations in the elderly care and childcare human resource development business as well. While aiming to solve the problem of human resource shortages in various industries, we create employment opportunities by helping people acquire qualifications. Even in the midst of the spread of COVID-19, we did our best to support safe and secure living. We are also proactively working to accommodate new lifestyles, such as online visits and childcare, We are focusing on providing an infrastructure of highquality services that support society and people’s lives.

A new facility opened in FY75.

Creating community for multiple generations to live in harmony through external collaboration

Regional and multiple generation exchange housing in Shizuoka City.

Recognizing the impor tance of PPP/PFI* for promoting Gakken’s Community-based Integrated Care System, we actively work on collaborative projects with local governments. We work to create communities where multiple generations can live together in harmony by participating in a project to develop regional and multiple generation exchange housing in Shizuoka City, as well as in a multifaceted project utilizing a former municipal housing site in Kawasaki City. We provide integrated services with a focus on serviced apartments for the elderly that include elderly care, nursing, and childcare. These play a role as centers for exchange in local communities, contributing and adding value to the surrounding area.
We also believe that collaboration among private companies will be a major factor in future community development. In the ongoing Suita SST project, 16 organizations including Gakken Group are participating. Going forward, we will continue to work on creating communities where multiple generations can live in harmony by cooperating with outside parties.
*PPP: Public Private Partnership / PFI: Private Finance Initiative

Expansion of projects assisting those with disabilities

KLOCKA at Fujisawa SST.

Gakken Group initiated a project supporting child development in 2019. It provides special needs services to preschoolers with the aim of helping them acquire the ability to live their own lives in society, even if they have, or there is a concern that they have, developmental issues. A branch of the child development support facility KLOCKA that will serve as its base was opened at the Wellness Square Zone of Fujisawa SST. At Fujisawa SST, Gakken Group has been providing unified services that integrate health, welfare, and education with the aim of enabling three generations of families to continue living together with peace of mind for 100 years. With the opening of KLOCKA, its functionality has been further enhanced. We continue to support all children in living their own lives and create an environment where they can do so.