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Environment Campaign

Gakken Firefly Campaign welcomed 24th year in 2020, and the total number of participants has exceeded 125,000. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the natural environment around us by observing fireflies, an environmental indicator of the richness of nature. In 2020, we received a lot of reports from all over Japan and created a firefly map. We plan to change the observation content and participation method in 2021 so that interest in the natural environment other than fireflies will spread.We will continue to do so in the hope that our concern for the environment and our actions will be passed on to the next generation.

Firefly Map for 2020 (24th year).

Firefly report postcards from indergarteners.

Gakken Illustrated Guide LIVE to raise awareness of environmental issues

Gakken Illustrated Guide LIVE

Minerals, Rocks, Fossils

It describes about 850 items including beautiful minerals and gems, fossils of extinct prehistoric creatures, and meteorites, the research of which is becoming increasingly important with the return of Hayabusa2. We photographed the collections of over 30 Japanese museums, and the detailed pictures let readers trace the Earth’s histor y through its stones. It comes with an original DVD that showcases fossil excavating events at Hishikari Mine and Mizunami City.Looking towards a sustainable society, viewers can experience the fundamentals of resource development and the wonders of the global environment.

A page with impressive fossils. They provide a glimpse into the prehistoric world where dinosaurs lived.

Gakken Illustrated Guide Live Pocket

Insects of Okinawa

The insects that can be found in Okinawa have been taken from a database of 40,000 f ield surveys and specimens, and in cooperation with the Okinawa Prefectural Society for Biological Education and others, we have carefully selected and listed about 700 species. With photos that look as if they are about to come to life and a wealth of reference diagrams, this book will help you identify species in no time. In addition to accessing videos to watch with QR codes, the book also includes an extensive self-study guide, making it a must-have for environmental learning and nature observation.The contents will allow readers to think about biodiversity and the natural environment around them in terms of insects, which are one of the ways to understand the environment.

There are closeup images of insects and descriptions of their distinctive parts , making them easy to identify.

Support for “Don't pick up chicks!” by the Wild Bird Society of Japan and others
(4 Group companies)

Photo:Wild Bird Society of Japan

We have distributed campaign posters in Gakken Classroom and public libraries and schools across Japan and ask them to be displayed.

Support for the 2020 Environmental Education Poster Competition
by the Foundation for Promoting Children's Education (Gakken Holdings)

We held an open call for participants and accepted entries of posters with pictures and slogans from elementary, junior high, and senior high school students from Japan and overseas with a theme of “What we can do for the environment.” Outstanding works were awarded “Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award,” “Minister of the Environment Award,” and “Special Prize.”