For Society

For Society

We conduct social action programs and environment protection, and fulfill our responsibilities as a corporate member of society.Gakken Group Charter of Corporate Conduct

Policies and Stances

We fulfill our role as a corporate citizen by actively and continuously carrying out activities that contribute socially, including by supporting culture and arts, cooperating with local communities, and participating in volunteer activities.(From Gakken Compliance Code 6-1)

System and Mechanisms

We have established a Society, Environment, and Human Rights Committee chaired by the President, Representative Director of Gakken Holdings. Activities that contribute to society are carried out by our group companies through social and environmental initiatives(environmental management systems *EMS) and by the Corporate Communication Division of Gakken Holdings.

Educational Program for Children with Roots out side Japan

Providing educational support.

IC Net has started an educational program called Tenarai for children who need Japanese language instruction because their parents are from abroad.
It features the learning content of compulsory education divided into levels according to degree of understanding where learning can proceed according to individual academic ability.
In collaboration with Gakken Educational and NIHONGO Inc., we create personalized learning curriculums and provide assignments using the most suitable learning materials. Services are developed in cooperation with schools and local governments.

Dementia Awareness and Prevention Projects across the Group

In anticipation of an era where 10 million people have dementia,Gakken Group promotes initiatives based on the two perspectives of coexistence and prevention. At the Gakken Osaka Headquarters, we held a dementia virtual reality experience session and a Dementia Supporter training course in conjunction with International Alzheimer’s Day 2020. The event was held in cooperation with Suita City, and many employees, even of companies outside of educational, healthcare and nursing fields, became new Dementia Supporters. This initiative will continue as part of Gakken’s Community-based Integrated Care System. In April 2020, the Dementia Care Laboratory was established at Gakken Holdings, promoting efforts across the Group to create new value that contributes to dementia prevention.

Employees display their orange wrist bands, showing they have completed the Dementia Supporter training course.

Participants deepened their understanding of those with dementia through a VR experience.

Donations to Children’s Cafeterias in Yamanashi and Shizuoka

We handed over donations with our thoughts for the children.

As part of their SDGs activities, Bunri Gakuin makes donations supporting the operation of children’s cafeterias in areas where their learning center facilities are being built. In 2020, employee contributions and part of the proceeds from summer courses were donated to Yamanashi Area Children’s Cafeteria Group Nijiironowa and the Shizuoka City Children’s Cafeteria Network. The donations will aid childhood education and help alleviate child poverty, which are becoming more severe due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Received the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Award

The award ceremony.

Medical Care Service received an award from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare for its outstanding work employing people with disabilities in recognition of its MCS Heartful initiative.
It strives to create a comfortable working environment where people with disabilities can play an active role. It has set up a retention support group and a system that facilitates receiving consultation from staff anytime, and also offer an array of non-work leisure activities.

Titles selected as a Children’s Welfare Cultural Property and an Outstanding Korean Academic Book

“Gracefully Grayson” and “Ohara Atlas 1: Dermoscopy”

Gakken Plus’s translated children’s book, “Gracefully Grayson” was recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a Children’s Welfare Cultural Property for realizing the principles of the Children’s Charter. In addition, the Korean translation of “Ohara Atlas 1:Dermoscopy ” by Gakken Medical Shujunsha was selected as an excellent academic book by the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Korea. The book was selected from numerous new publications released in Korea for contributing to the promotion of fundamental academics.

Collaborating with Foundations and Research Institutes

Furuoka Scholarship Foundation

Furuoka Scholarship Foundation was established in 1980 with 1 billion yen in private funds by the founder of Gakken Group, Furuoka Hideto. He wanted to support single-parent families who were in the same financial predicament that he experienced during his childhood. The core of the support is a scholarship for senior high school students of single parent families (no repayment required) . Freshmen students in 2019 received approximately 240,000 yen for the year, with a total of approximately 720,000 yen to be distributed over three years.
Approved as a public interest incorporated foundation in 2011, it celebrated its 40th anniversary in June 2019. The number of scholarship recipients increased from 134 in the first period to 358 in the 40th. As of April 2019, the foundation was supporting 1,006 senior high school students. More than 8,600 students have received scholarships since the first period.
In addition, the foundation has offered a short-term study abroad program since 2015 based on the idea of “experiencing different cultures while young.” Approximately 50 scholarship recipients spend two weeks abroad during the summer vacation period, participating in homestays and language study. The foundation bears all costs. Students went to Canada in 2019, the 5th time the program was conducted. Training at Tokyo Global Gateway (TGG) also started in 2019. 25 scholarship recipients spent three nights and four days over spring break experiencing a different culture while immersed in English. The foundation also provides students with material support by lending tablet devices free of charge for research and learning, as well as emotional support in the form of Scholarship Recipient Gatherings in various locations where students can interact with their peers. In 2020, the event above is cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2019, a 40th anniversary ceremony was held.

The 5th short-term study abroad program, held in August 2019. Participants went to Canada.

Gakken Research Institute for Learning and Education

Gakken Research Institute for Learning and Education is Gakken Group's educational think tank. It disseminates the latest information from Japan and abroad on learning as it relates to everyone from children to seniors, both within our group and in the wider society. In conjunction with this, it also conducts surveys and research from new perspectives such as those involving CBT,IRT, Information utilization ability, and learning for Society 5.0. For more than 40 years, it has conducted a wide range of questionnaires on children's daily lives, their studies, and their dreams for the future in its “ Elementary S chool Student White Paper Series" and disseminated the results. In 2020, we conducted a survey of elementary and junior high school students focusing on changes associated with the effects of the spread of COVID-19.

Gakken Research Institute for Science and Creation

In 2020,we set up a Christmas tree with ornaments which work no-contact.

Gakken Research Institute for Science and Creation engages in activities promoting and disseminating science, technology, and knowledge while utilizing the asset of Gakken's scientific content. It provides “places to do science”such as classes with experimentation and experiment shows that impress ever yone from children to adults. It also discovers, supports, and trains human resources with “creative, scientific minds.” The Institute will continue to convey science's excitement and sense of surprise and discovery under the slogan “an experiment is worth a thousand words.”

Foundation of Research and Studies for Ability Development Education

Foundation of Research and Studies for Ability Development Education was founded on August 25, 1967 by Gakken, then called Gakushu Kenkyusha. We still carry out a variety of activities.

National Children's Ability Development Contest

It started as an awards commendation in 1963. The annual event is held with the aim of fostering the cultural and scientific talents of elementary school students. Entries are accepted in three categories: drawing, composition, and science. At the 57th contest in 2020 there were more than 28,000 entries for all three categories.

Japan Montessori Education Research Institute

It was founded with the aim of researching and dissemination of Montessori education. Business activities include a teacher training course. In September 2020, we launched 360°VIEW, a website that introduces in detail how to use the Montessori teaching tools available at the affiliated Children’s House.

E-Learning Course for Teacher's License Renewal

We have established an E-learning course via the internet to provide an environment where all teachers can take lessons more easily. Many of our user are introduced to us by acquaintances and friends, and we receive a good response every year

Technological and Educational Training Council

Based on many years of knowledge and experience with educational technology, the council offers teacher training and courses for the renewal of teacher licenses. Also it explores new forms of IMETS forum.

Nihon Manpo Club

Since its founding in 1965, Japan's first organization devoted to walking has continually promoted its goal of “contributing to the maintenance and improvement of people's health.” In 2019, a bout 6,000 people participated in its 80 events. However, since March 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, events have been suspended as the health, safety and security of participants is our top priority.