For Shareholders and Investors

For Shareholders and Investors

We provide appropriate management information disclosure to establish a relationship of trust with stockholders and investors
Gakken Group Charter of Corporate Conduct

System and Mechanisms

Rules for Internal Control Over Financial Reporting

Under these rules Gakken Group has establish a system for ensuring appropriateness of financial reporting and a means of evaluating it as required by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. We aim to achieve the following four objectives: effectiveness and efficiency in our operations, reliability in our financial reporting, compliance with laws and regulations related to our business activities, and preservation of our assets.

Gakken Holdings Financial Reporting Control Subcommittee

It determines the basic policy and evaluation plan for the maintenance and operation of Gakken Group's internal control over financial reporting, and deliberates on Gakken Holdings Co.,Ltd. Internal Control Report.

Communication with Shareholders and Investors

Gakken Group discloses corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner so that shareholders and investors can better understand Gakken Group's business activities and performance.Based on stable and continuous dividends, we aim to build a two-way relationship and promote close communication, including by enhancing comprehensive shareholder returns. Gakken Holdings'recent price per unit of investment exceeded the Tokyo Stock Exchange's desirable upper limit of 500,000 yen. Under such circumstances, a stock split reducing the price per unit of investment creates a more investment-friendly environment. As such, a stock split of one share of common stock into four, would encourage the purchase of our shares by those of child-rearing age, our primary customers (our core products and services focus on toddlers and children). Based on the decision to significantly reduce the price per unit of investment, Gakken Holdings split its shares on a 4-for-1 basis on March 31, 2020 as a record date.

Biannual Shareholder Newsletter

We issue our “Shareholder Newsletter" every June and December to provide our shareholders with the latest information including financial results on business segments, and on topics pertaining to group companies. Gakken Group is committed to creating a newsletter that provides a better understanding of our group's overall situation and management policies.

Shareholder Benefits /Communication with Shareholders via IR Mail

Annually on September 30, shareholders who hold 100 ormore shares receive one item worth 2,000 yen from among Gakken Group products listed in “Shareholder Benefits Catalog". Sharehholders who hold 400 or more shares receive two items worth 4,000 yen in the catalogue or a Gakken Mall coupon.
Sharehholders who hold 1200 or more shares receive two items worth 4,000 yen in the catalogue or two Gakken Mall’s coupons. Besides these, various options are available according to the number of shares held.We also offer long-term special benefits to shareholders who hold more than 1200 shares for three years or more.
In addition, we provide information to our shareholders and other stakeholders through IR mail service. We believe that using these services further deepens understanding of Gakken Group.

Distribution of economic value to stakeholders