Risk Management

Policies and Stances

Gakken Group has established Gakken Group Basic Rules for Risk Management, which sets out the basic matters related to risk management and enables group to appropriately manage the various risks surrounding its business.
Major risks related to group's business and others include risks related to legal regulations, risks related to the occurrence of disasters, risks related to the failure of information systems, risks related to the management of personal information, risks related to trends in the publishing market, risks related to the operation of the elderly care business, risks related to the operation of the childcare support, classroom and learning center business, and risks related to business development overseas. We will ensure the continuous and stable development of our business through the management of these risks.

System and Mechanics

Gakken Group has formulated Gakken Group Basic Rules for Risk Management based on group's internal rules for risk management and the basic policy for maintaining the organization. In addition,Gakken Group Risk Management Manual has been formulated to appropriately address the various risks associated with Gakken Group's business. The Risk Management subcommittee, under the Internal Controls committee, has been established as an umbrella organization for risk management, and is responsible for assessing and controlling various risks in cooperation with the directors in charge of GRC* and those in charge of risk management appointed by each group company.
*GRC = Governance Risk Compliance

Protection of Personal Information

Based on Gakken Group Personal Information Protection Guidelines, Gakken Group has established specific standards for handling the personal information of its customers and shareholders.

Information Security

Gakken Group has established an Information Security Policy for the management and protection of information assets held by our group and personal information entrusted to us, and ensures that all officers and employees comply with it. The Basic Regulations for Handling Individual Numbers “My Numbers” and Gakken Group Information Equipment Management Regulations were established respectively in July 2015 and July 2016 (implemented from October 1, 2016), and Basic Policy for Gakken Group Information Security Policy was fully revised in October 2016.

Disaster Management

In the event any risk of a disaster occurs, or is likely to occur, Gakken Group will establish a disaster management headquarters and transition to a disaster response system. In addition, the Business Continuity Measures secretariat provides support and advice on Gakken Group's business continuity measures from a bird's eye view, based on the BCP (Business Continuity Plan) formulated in advance. Furthermore, Gakken Group Headquarters building has a disaster prevention manual and other measures in place for those who have difficulty returning home in accordance with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's “Ordinance on Measures for Stranded Persons.”