Gakken Group Philosophy System

Based on the Group Philosophy which is the shared universal value of Gakken Group, we have developed Group Vision as to how Gakken Group should be. We have instilled Group Philosophy and Group Vision throughout Gakken Group. Gakken Spirit is the behavioral guideline for which each employee should carry out his or her task. Every employee is to carry out the work with Gakken Spirit in mind.

Gakken Group Aims to Be a Leader in
“Education” and “Healthcare and Nursing”


Giving the knowledge to thrive in the future for the children, and confidence to move up to the next stage for adults, Gakken provides“ learning that makes you want to learn more” to everyone. Whether it be at home, in your community, or at school, and with books, mobile devices, or through mentoring, we are always at your service when you want to learn.

Healthcare and Nursing

Japan has long been undergoing a decline in birthrate and an increase in seniors. In order to build society where everyone,from zero-year-old to 100-year-old,can live with a peace of mind and safety, we developed our signature Gakken’s Community based Integrated Care System. Adding to that, we will continue to improve and expand our services in dementia care and home-visit nursing care.