For Our Business Partners

For Our Business Partners

We maintain fair relations with all of our business partners, and conduct fair and free market competition.
Gakken Group Charter of Corporate Conduct

System and Mechanisms

We treat our business partners fairly and justly, with decency and sincerity.

  • When selecting a business partner from among multiple vendors, we fairly compare and evaluate various conditions such as creditworthiness, stability, quality, price, delivery time, and technical capabilities to determine the best candidate.
  • Even when in a position to influence the selection and evaluation of business partners, we will not arbitrarily show preferential treatment to a company.
  • As stipulated by the Subcontract Law, when subcontracting we enter into contracts and transactions with a full understanding of the Act; we take care not to violate the Act through actions like late payment or failing to deliver purchase orders. (From Gakken Compliance Code 4-2)

Publication Business Activities

In the production of books and magazines, we work with a variety of business partners, including writers, designers, editorial producers, and photographers. Gakken Group has established a system for issuing and managing order forms with online applications and e-mail to properly and reliably carry out transactions with subcontractors in the publishing business. This system was originally developed by Gakken Group and is used daily to prevent violations of the Subcontract Act.

“G Management System" is a proprietary Gakken Group database for effectively managing contracts, order forms, license agreements, and other items related to publishing.

NEA (Net works of Educational Alliance)

The environment surrounding learning centers and other private educational institutions is becoming increasingly severe every year.
The Networks of Educational Alliance( NEA) was established on September 20, 2018, as an initiative of Gakken Holdings and Ichishin Holdings Co., Ltd. This loose, collaborative organization of private educational institutions works to solve problems that are difficult for individual companies to handle, so that learning centers in far-flung localities can continue to thrive.
Its 124 regular members consist mainly of learning centers and its 36 supporting members include companies that provide educational content and maintain learning environments. The alliance works for the two goals of “expanding teaching measures to brighten our children's future” and the “sustainable development of private educational institutions.” It holds seminars and lectures and provides a variety of educational information and instructor training on E-learning. Twice a year it carries out an assessment known as ASUGAKU (Educational assessment of non-cognitive skills) to graphically represent logicalthinking, judgement,and expressiveness. More than 100,000 participants take part in each session. In July 2020, we established the NEA Foundation, a general incorporated association. In the future, we will manage a fund for learning centers.

ASUGAKU (Educational assessment of non-cognitive skills) assessment makes it possible to motivate students through scoring with correction and detailed analysis.

Green Purchasing

As a member of the Green Purchasing Network, Gakken Group participates in the revision of Green Purchasing Guidelines and sends a supervisor in its capacity as a purchaser of printed materials to participate in the “Offset Printing Service Ordering Guidelines Revision Task Group."

Additional considerations for green purchasing guidelines

  • 1.Additional considerations concerning print volume
  • 2.Additional considerations regarding the display of environmental information
  • 3.Review of paper, ink, and surface treatments
  • 4.Indication of recycling suitability
  • 5.Additional items regarding digital printing


  • Matters to be considered when selecting a vendor Review 1. Environmental management systems 2. Details of environmental initiatives 3. Access to environmental information
  • Review of regulations regarding the use of printing service symbols and logos
  • Additional considerations such as carbon footprint, carbon offsets, and green energy.