Procurement of Raw Materials

Printing Paper Procurement Policy

Gakken Group encourages the procurement of “paper that has a clear and traceable origin and is made of appropriate materials”.

  • Paper made of wood with confirmed legality
  • Paper made of wood taken from sustainably managed forests
  • Paper made of unusable wood, e.g. timber from forest-thinning, wood waste
  • Paper made of collected and recycled resources(wastepaper) Gakken Group procures paper from “environmentally-friendly manufactures”

Gakken Group procures paper from “environmentally-friendly manufactures”.

  • Manufactures that carry out eco-friendly business activities, such as the establishment Environmental Management Systems
  • Manufactures that give every consideration to safety and environmental concerns when using chemical substances.
  • Manufactures that are promoting papermaking with elemental chlorine-free bleaching treatment

Targets and Achievements

Main Initiatives

Gakken Group, as a publisher that uses a large amount of paper, has established a “Printing Paper Procurement Policy" as described above, and is working to promote the procurement of paper made from appropriate materials with a clear history, and to procure paper from environmentally-conscious manufacturers. In addition, we are achieving results by promoting e-publishing and printing an appropriate number of copies in order to make effective use of paper resources.