Materiality and SDGs

Identify Gakken Group's Materiality for Realizing Sustainable Society

Gakken Group aims to realize a sustainable society through our business. Toward the goal, we recognize the business activities give huge impact to the economy, environment and society. In January 2019, we have identified our materiality.
We listed impor tant themes for social trends and stakeholder requests made to our group, and identify impor tant issues. Then,we mapped the level of importance of each issue for our company and stakeholders, and identified our materiality. To identify them, we would like to thank the experts Ms. Mariko Kawaguchi and Mr.Peter D. Pedersen for their opinions.

Identified issues (20 items): Development of next-generation talent that can create value that lasts, supporting healthy development of youth, promotion of life long learning, creating value for global markets ,sustainable provision of elderly care - related services, supporting healthy senior life, reduction of environmental impact in the value chain ,combatting climate change, using resources efficiently, provision of s afe and high-quality produc ts and services, building a comfortable working environment, utilizing diverse talent, building a s ustainable supply chain, responding to human rights issues , communicating with stakeholders, actively contributing to and participating in local communities, strengthening corporate governance ,implementing risk management ( including BCP ) , enhancing information security and increasing transparency in information disclosure.

MATERIALITY…Issues and Relationship to Gakken Group Operations

We develop next generation talent that can create value in the future

We provide EdTech services, STEAM education, and Montessori education. We also work on globalizing our workforce and promoting women's advancement.

We support the healthy development of youth

Through our education services, we contribute to the growth of “Zest for life"to live responsibly through physical education, maral education, respect fordiversity, communication skills, among others.

We promote lifelong learning in the 100-year life era

We provide educational services through learning centers and Gakken Classroom. We also provide services related to recurrent education, business-academia collaboration, and women's social advancement,among others.

We support fulfilling, community-based senior life

Through Gakken’s Community-based Integrated Care System, we create a community where multiple generations live in harmony and interact with each other.

We strengthen corporate governance

We implement corporate governance and guidelines, ensure compliance, and strengthen information security, etc.

  • The SDGs’pledge to not leave anyone behind overlaps with our Group philosophy.
  • We narrowed the topic areas down to three goals, which are based on the relationship with materiality, the impact in the value chain, and on the strengths of our group.
  • Most of the 17 goals of the SDGs are interrelated. We aim to solve the problem by starting with education, which is our priority goal.
  • We would like to add priority targets in the future as SDGs initiatives mature and our operations expand.