1.【Responsibility of Management】

We aim for management in which business activities are in harmony with nature for the realization of a sustainable society

2.【Global perspective】

We will act from a global perspective in response to the biodiversity crisis

3.【Voluntary efforts】

We will voluntarily and steadily work to take actions that contribute to biodiversity

4.【Integrated environmental management】

We will promote integrated environmental management

5.【Creation of communities using natural capital】

With a reverence for nature, we will contribute to the creation of communities that utilize natural capital


We will collaborate and cooperate with related organizations in Japan and overseas

7.【Environmental education and human resource development】

We will take the lead in environmental education and human resource development to create a society that fosters biodiversity

Participation in Japan Business and Biodiversity Partnership

Gakken Group participates in the Japan Business and Biodiversity Partnership and promotes initiatives based on the Declaration and Action Policy of Biodiversity by Keidanren. In addition, as part of the entire Group's environmental activities, we try to understand and reduce waste plastic emissions, raise awareness of biodiversity through the publication of various illustrated guides, and support various environmental activities.

Topics|Biodiversity awareness activities

Gakken Firefly Campaign

Gakken Firefly Campaign welcomed 23rd year in 2019, and the total number of participants has exceeded 120,000. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the natural environment around us by observing fireflies, an environmental indicator of the richness of nature. In 2019, we received a lot of reports from all over Japan and created a firefly map. From 2018, the number of monthly picture books for pre-school children calling for participation has increased from six to eight, broadening the base of interest in environmental conservation. We will continue to do so in the hope that our concern for the environment and our actions will be passed on to the next generation.

Firefly Map for 2019 (23rd year).

Firefly report postcards from kindergarteners

Gakken Illustrated Guide LIVE to raise awareness of environmental issues

About 560 species of birds and insects in vivid color, including animals such as jaguars and orangutans, are introduced with precious photos and illustrations. Photographs of “Capybaras crossing a river" and a “Paraguayan caiman that glows in the dark" are by photographer Hiroshi Yamaguchi, who has been photographing jungles for nearly a decade, and the realistic images of the creatures are a must-see. Together with the DVD, this will deepen our understanding of what is happening to the natural environment that is being lost, while focusing on the diverse flora and fauna unique to tropical rainforests.

In recent years, there has been an endless stream of news about endangered species such as giant pandas, crested ibises and Japanese eels. The main cause is human activity, but there are also problems such as invasive alien species and global warming that cannot be solved without cooperation across nations. This book, along with the latest data from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Japan's Ministry of the Environment, introduces some 400 endangered species, explains why some of the animals closest to us are in danger of extinction, and explains conservation efforts.

On smartphones, you can enjoy realistic AR (3DCG) of giant pandas, Okinawa rails and more.

Support for “Don't pick up chicks!" by the Wild Bird Society of Japan and others (3 companies in Gakken Group)

Approximately 110,000 posters were distributed. Photo courtesy of the Wild Bird Society of Japan

We have distributed campaign posters in Gakken Classroom and public libraries across Japan and ask them to be displayed.

Cooperating in the "Nature Survey" of the Nature Conservation Society of Japan (Gakken Holdings)

Ant nature observation in Kawasaki City. Photo courtesy of the Nature Conservation Society of Japan

In cooperation with the participatory environmental education program “Nature Survey," which is aimed at fostering feelings of respect for nature, we provide illustrated study guide to participants.

Support for the 11th Environmental Education Poster Competition by the Foundation for Promoting Children's Education (Gakken Group)

This is the work of Momoka Miyamoto, a third grade student at Kagawa Prefectural Takamatsu Kougei High School , who won the “Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award" in the high school category in 2019. Photo courtesy of the Foundation for Promoting Children's Education

A set of study books was presented to the schools of the Minister of Education, Culture,Spor ts, Science and Technology and the Minister of the Environment award winners and Gakken Prize winners, and some of the winning works were displayed at the Gakken Tokyo Headquarters.