Talent Development

Policies and Stances

We build a corporate culture that allows employees to maximize their creativity in line with group's basic strategy of “cultivating employees who are willing to take on challenges by honing their intellect and sensitivity from a broad perspective according to Gakken Group's philosophy and vision."(* From Group Basic Strategy (Human Resources))

System and Mechanisms

We have established a group-common personnel framework as a base and a personnel system of each group companies in order to evaluate, train and treat employees properly.

Honoring Employees with the Gakken Group MVP

The editor of Gakken PLUS, who made “Why Do We Work” a bestseller won the prize.

Once a half-yearly, employees who have made exceptional contributions to group are commended as Gakken Group MVPs. The achievements of these award-winning employees are praised throughout group. Having a system that rewards hard work leads to increased employee motivation.

Achievement of declaration to women’s advancement

Gakken Group agrees with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's policy of supporting women's advancement and balancing work with childcare. As such we have made a declaration to promote women in the workplace, stating that “By 2020, at least one female director will be appointed at each Gakken Group company." As of December 2020, All of Gakken Group companies(Domestic 55, Overseas 9) have one or more female directors, we have achieved the declaration.
Gakken Group companies are aiming to obtain the “Kurumin logo", “Eruboshi logo” a certification recognizing companies that support child-rearing and women’s advancement. Currently, 7 companies have acquired “Kurumin logo”, 1 company as for “Eruboshi logo”. Several more are working hard to acquire it soon. We will continue to support childcare both within our company and in the wider society. We w ill continue t o w ork t o ensure t hat all employee w ith t heir diverse attributes and values are able to flourish.