Human Rights

Policies and Positions

We respect the human rights of every employee, striving to maintain a healthy work environment and not engaging in any activity that could lead to discrimination.
1) We will not engage in discrimination based on birth, nationality, race, ethnicity, creed, religion, gender, age,disability, educational background, etc.
2) We will not commit human rights violations, including through violence, abuse, slander, defamation, bullying, or enforcing compulsory work through intimidation or isolation.(From Gakken Compliance Code 5-1)

System and Mechanisms

Gakken Group organizes the Gakken Group Society, Environment, and Human Rights Awareness Promotion Committee, as well as each Group company's Human Rights Promotion Committee to provide information and conduct activities that raise awareness of each employee's human rights in order to form a bright work environment and strengthen our management base by realizing Group philosophy.

Group-Wide Training for All Employees

Human Rights Awareness Promotion Committees have been organized at all Group companies to carry out educational activitiesfor all employees. The total number of participants in group-wide trainings based on the 75th period policy of “Let’s think aboutthe human rights of children” was 8,679. Special training sessions were held three times from July to August: Child Poverty( Lecturer: Yumiko Watanabe), Human Rights and Child Abuse( Lecturer:Taeko Shimada), and How Should We Treat Immigrants?( Lecturer:Ippei Torii).
Due to the impact of COVID-19, all the events were held remotely, and more than 1,000 people attended group-wide.

Promoting and Maintaining the Employment of People with Disabilities

We actively work to expand employment for people with disabilities and develop new occupational areas. Both are above the statutory employment rate of 2.2%.