Health Management

Policy and Philosophy

In September 2020, the Gakken group established the "Declaration of Health Management" to further maintain and promote the health of individual employees and their families. Under the leadership of the Chief Officer in Health Management and Promotion, we will proactively promote the health management that is commensurate with "the 100-year life era".

The Gakken Group's Declaration of Health Management

The Gakken group has been developing its businesses based on the group philosophy, "We truly hope for everyone to lead the enriched life by providing the sensation, satisfaction and peace of mind for the day along with the dreams and hopes for tomorrow."
We also believe it fundamental to our businesses and very indispensable that every employee working under the Group Philosophy is firstly "healthy" and "living with a generous heart".
We hereby declare that the company, its employees and the health insurance association will work together to actively promote the health management so that the employees and their families can live comfortably and healthily in mind and body by further developing health maintenance and promoting activities we have been coping with.
We will contribute to the development of a sustainable society as a leading company of "Education" and "Medical Welfare" by maximizing the creativity of employees through the health management and developing their own businesses.

September 1, 2020
President, Representative Director, Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd.
 Hiroaki Miyahara

The following 5 companies have recognized as “the 2021 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations” in the large enterprise category: Gakken Holdings, Gakken Juku Holdings, Gakken Plus, Gakken Medical Shujunsha, and Gakken Products Support. The following 2 companies have received the same certification in the SME category: Gakken Medical Support and BUNRI.

Organization and Structure

The Gakken group has established the Health Management Promotion Office to allow the company and the health insurance association to work together for maintaining and promoting employees' health.

Holding Meetings of Health Supervisors and Promoters

Gakken Group Health Managers Meeting is held once a year to help preserve a safe and healthy work environment. This year, we shared information about our initiatives and roles in promoting health management with 421 health supervisors and promoters appointed by workplaces nationwide in order to help implement measures to maintain and improve employee health. In particular,the common slogan “Let’s Create Gakken-style Health Management ! ”,each company ’s Health Commit tee encourages the implementation of measures . We aim to protect and even further improve the workplace environment by promoting health management throughout the Group.

Work Style Reform Aimed at Improving Work-life Balance

We promote Work Style Reform to create an environment where employees can work comfortably and increase productivity. One effort is the remote work system that has been in place at some of the group’s companies for a while and introduced at once on a wider scale due to the impact of the COVID-19 state of emergency.
As of November 2020, 15 companies had adopted remote work as a system, and 3 more were scheduled to introduce it by April 2021.
Additional efforts improving the work environment for a better work-life balance include a scheduling system for paid annual leave and discouraging the use of Gakken Tokyo Headquarters after 22:00 to reduce long working hours.

Group Measures to Eradicate Harassment

In June 2020, measures to prevent workplace harassment were enacted. Under this revision of the law, harassment is absolutelyunacceptable. We aim to create a safe and comfortable workingenvironment for all employees. The top management of each company in the Group reiterated its commitment to this effort at meetings and through corporate newsletters.