For Our Customers

For Our Customers

We ensure the highest level of safety for our products and services and promote appropriate sales activities to earn the confidence of our customers.
Gakken Group Charter of Corporate Conduct

Policies and Stances

Basic policy of safety for our products and services

  • When developing, manufacturing, importing, selling, exporting, storing, transporting, servicing, and repairing products, we always keep safety in mind. We fully understand and comply with all product safety laws, regulations, and standards, aiming for ever higher levels of safety.
  • When we receive information about product or quality defects, we immediately confirm the factual details of the situation. If a problem is identified, we contact the relevant departments and take any appropriate action required. (From Gakken Compliance Code 2-1)

Appropriate Publicity and Advertising

We do not use any expressions in the documentation and other information we distribute through our advertising activities that are libelous or slanderous to others or that may lead to social discrimination. When engaging in comparative advertising, we make sure that it is factual, fair, accurate, and not misleading at the time of comparison. In addition, we do not make misleading claims for the purpose of attracting customers. (From Gakken Compliance Code 2-2)

Our Position on Fair Marketing

  • When engaging in sales activities with customers, we comply with consumer protection laws and regulations and do not of fer inappropriately expensive gifts. Further, when conducting such sales activities through retailers or other agents, we instruct them to follow the same policy.
  • When providing services to customers, we comply with consumer protection laws and regulations and do not offer inappropriately expensive gifts. (From Gakken Compliance Code 2-3)

System and Mechanisms

Gakken Group product safety and accident prevention measures are stipulated in Gakken Group Product Safety Management Code as follows.

  • Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd. supervises product safety management, unifying and offering guidance to Group companies.
  • The presidents of group companies are responsible for their own product safety management and take the measures necessary to create, maintain, and manage product safety management systems. For this reason, group company presidents appoint supervisors of product safety and accident prevention at their respective companies. These supervisors manage product safety and respond to accidents involving our products. They also conduct safety checks and other procedures before products are sold. Gakken Holdings Co.,Ltd. promptly examines products requiring safety inspections that cannot be performed by group companies.

Product Safety Initiatives and Achievements

Conducting Product Safety Education and Training for Employees

  • Meeting of product safety and accident prevention supervisors: Once annually
    Training on legal regulations, standards, and accident related information for group company directors supervising governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC), as well as those supervising product safety and accident prevention
  • Product safety training( various themes):3 times a year
    Training for planners, production supervisors, and other workers to deepen their understanding of product safety and raise safety awareness
  • Product safety e-learning training for all employees: Once annually

Providing Information That Anticipates Customer Risk

Since many children use our products, we investigate factors like where and when they are used, carrying out multifaceted verification taking into account the possibility of misuse. Appropriate information on how to use the product correctly and prevent accidents is provided in an easy-to-understand manner not only on the package itself but also on the relevant pages of the instruction manual.

75th Period Product Safety Review

We have conducted 189 safety reviews focusing on educational toys and the gifts that come with our magazines. We found there were no health hazards caused by those products.

Editorial and Publishing Committee System

The Editorial and Publishing Committee was established for the purpose of deciding policies and discussing issues common to the content production divisions of all Gakken Group companies, including those related to editing and publishing. Led by the division heads of the editing and production divisions, 30 members from 11 companies work together to produce reliable content for our customers. Headed by a chairperson, the committee consists of three subcommittees: the Editorial and Human Resources Subcommittee, the Intellectual Property and Legal Affairs Subcommittee, and the Statements and Expressions Subcommittee. Their diverse activities range from prevention of product related accidents and compliance to the implementation of training sessions.

Article Review System

Article reviews are carried out by a 4-person system at the Article Review Department of the Quality Control Division at Gakken Product Support. Article review consists of evaluating articles to confirm that there are no statements or expressions that evoke or promote feelings of discrimination. The work encourages the dissemination of helpful information that does not contribute to discrimination against the vulnerable in society. Reviews cover a wide range of paper publications, as well as digital publications and promotional materials. During the 75th period, we received a total of 236 requests from publishing companies and other Group companies.

Basic Stance and Policy Toward Customer Satisfaction

The Customer Center acts as a point of contact for all Group companies and provides accurate guidance for a wide range of inquiries. Customer feedback is used in product development and service improvement to help advance customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, Gakken Group General Guidance Navi-Dial Service was introduced in March 2020.


It will be run by the Customer Center of Quality Control Division's at Gakken Product Support Co., Ltd. As a contact point for inquiries and information regarding all Gakken Group business activities, it will handle inquiries from a variety of customers.

Customer Center Initiatives

We accept inquiries from a variety of people, including the general public, readers, bookstores, agencies, educational organizations, government agencies, libraries, businesses, and the media. Inquiries are referred to the department that handles the relevant type of content. All inquiries are disclosed to group companies. We take the opinions of our customers seriously and strive to improve our business and product development.

Breakdown of Consultation Numbers and Content

We receive over 20,000 inquiries annually. Due to the impact of COVID-19 and other factors, we often work from home, We request inquiries by e-mail. In the 75th period, email inquiries accounted for 47% of all those received. It means other than e-mail accounted for 53% of inquiries.

Content of inquiries by phone, postcard, sealed letter, or FAX

Efforts to Maintain and Manage Service Quality