Gakken Group's CSR

CSR Approach

Tackling Social Issues and Creating Value for Our Future

Gakken Group engages with a wide range of customers through our business and non-profit foundations, from infants to the elderly. We believe that if each individual employee faces social issues together with customers and if we make solving these issues central to our business, it will create lasting value. The driving force behind Gakken Group’s CSR activities is to contribute to society by responding to the values of diverse generations to provide new products and services. We practice CSR management with the aim of exceeding the expectations of all stakeholders, from customers to business partners, employees and their families, shareholders, investors, government agencies, local communities, and others.

Implementation Structure

Gakken Group’s CSR activities are primarily implemented by the Society, Environment, and Human Rights Committee which is chaired by the president of Gakken Holdings. Each group company has established a Society and Environment Committee and a Human Rights Awareness Promotion Committee and carries out social and environmental activities based on Group philosophy, works to create pleasant working environments, and strengthens management foundations.