Healthcare and Nursing Business

Elderly Care Busines

In Japan society characterized by a declining birthrate and an aging population, as well as an increase in social security costs, we are working to build a town where people from 0 to over 100 years old can live with peace of mind in the community while supporting each other for multiple generations. We aim to create a society in which people can continue to live their own lives to the end through "Gakken's Community-based Integrated Care System" which provides support for all generations at every stage of their lives.

Housing and facility management for the elderly

We operate more than 400 housing and facilities for the elderly in Japan and overseas. Our focus is on housing with services for the elderly, and group homes for the elderly with dementia. From the planning and designing of buildings, we develop housing facilities that enable residents to live comfortably and efficient services provided by the staff.

Home-based Care/Nursing service

We offer a variety of home-based care services, including home-visit nursing services, day care services, and home-visit nursing care, so that elderly people can continue to live at home with peace of mind. Day services that stimulate the brain through learning are popular with many local customers.

Preventing Dementia/Elderly care

We are working to prevent dementia and nursing care. In addition to conducting joint research on early detection and prevention with industry and academia, we are also conducting food delivery services to prevent nursing care and promote health.

Chilldcare Support Business

In order to ensure that child-rearing families can leave their children at home and continue to work with peace of mind, we are developing a child-rearing support program that combines childcare and early childhood education to cultivate a foundation for human development.
We aim to contribute to a society in which many people can raise their children with peace of mind in the community and have hope to raise them.

Nursery School/Children' s Daycare Center

We operate licensed and certified nurseries and children's day care centers mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. We practice childcare to encourage "the power of nurture" so that children can take voluntary action after entering elementary school.

Afterschool Children's Club

In addition to our original after school children's clubs, we operate after school clubs commissioned by the government. We are actively engaged in various programs that make use of the contents of Gakken and in exchanges with various generations and regions.

Children's Developmental Support

We run a development support facility for preschool children. We provide "individual" and "group" treatment and education programs according to each child's development process.

Human Resource Development

The shortage of childcare and nursing care workers has become a social problem in the expansion of nursery, nursing care facilities and housing for the elderly. To solve this problem, we are conducting a human resource development project.
The objective is to contribute to solving the shortage of human resources not only for our company itself but also for the entire childcare and nursing care industry, and to contribute to addressing the declining birthrate and aging population, which are issues facing Japanese society.

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