Other Business

Logistic Business

The essence of our logistics strategy is our belief in "Great Service at Low Costs." We work towards improving logistics efficiency and accumulate logistics technology. Going forward, we will continue providing the most optimal service based on "customer satisfaction" and actively offer our logistics solution business.

Office Support Business

providing office business support services: for group companies; accounting, human resources, information systems, public relations, publishing, general affairs, product safety inspection, EMS management, support, etc.


Gakken Research Institute for Learning and Education

"We wish for all children to develop and grow to lead enriched life, as we hope for a brighter tomorrow." In a country where the birthrate is declining and the population is aging, our goal is to be able to communicate and provide easy-to-understand ideas by conducting surveys and research from various angles on the ideal form of education in Japan.

Gakken Research Institute for Science and Creation

This research institute was established to provide a "place of science" that can excite both children and adults, as well as fostering "creative and scientific minds." It aims to promote science and technology, as well as further popularizing the science knowledge of such to more and more people.

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