Gakken Classroom and Learning Center Business

Gakken Classroom Business

We operate locally rooted and trusted learning centers, science classroom“Kagaku Plus” ,and robot programming courses nationwide.
In order for children to feel the joy of learning and gain self-confidence, the Gakken Classroom addresses each and every child and fosters their "power to think for oneself".

Gakken Classroom

Gakken Classroom provides learning classes for developing "capabilities to think for oneself" for preschoolers, elementary, junior high and high school students. The classroom copes with arithmetics/mathematics, Japanese, English, science and social studies.

Science classroom“Kagaku Plus”

Science classroom allows students to experience enjoyment and wonder in science to develop their scientific way of thinking, creativity and desire for exploring, while treasuring asking "why and how?"

Gakken Classroom Kawaii Piano Course

Kawai piano course provides a collaboration class between Gakken Classroom and Kawai Music Classroom, where students can learn how to play the piano as well as the arithmetics and Japanese classes. We put importance on cultivating children's aesthetic sentiment.

Toddler Class

The Toddler Class is an extracurricular class for letters, numbers, wisdom, and science in a rented kindergarten or nursery school building.
We support children's preparation for school with a well-developed curriculum that has been in use for about 40 years.

Learning center/Home tutor business

We operate learning centers and cram schools that provide strong support for children's learning, as well as a service to dispatch home tutors nationwide and overseas. Group companies are also working together to constantly pursue new ways of learning that are optimal for each child.

Learning center/Cram school

Our group cram schools that have earned the trust of the community for many years by improving children's grades and pass rate at famous schools. Excellent instructors who are proud of the Gakken brand will provide guidance.

Home tutor

We introduce a tutor suitable for your child from a large database. The proven teaching system supports your child's learning along with his/her goals.

Developing educational materials for learning centers

We are also developing original educational materials to accommodate new learning opportunities. From traditional paper materials to digital materials including videos, we offer optimal learning for children through both teaching and educational materials, depending on the situation and purpose.

Education Service Segment Companies