Educational Business

Gakken Classroom Business

We operate locally rooted and trusted learning centers, science classroom“Kagaku Plus” ,and robot programming courses nationwide.
In order for children to feel the joy of learning and gain self-confidence, the Gakken Classroom addresses each and every child and fosters their "power to think for oneself".

Gakken Classroom

Gakken Classroom provides learning classes for developing "capabilities to think for oneself" for preschoolers, elementary, junior high and high school students. The classroom copes with arithmetics/mathematics, Japanese, English, science and social studies.

Science classroom“Kagaku Plus”

Science classroom allows students to experience enjoyment and wonder in science to develop their scientific way of thinking, creativity and desire for exploring, while treasuring asking "why and how?"

Gakken Classroom Kawaii Piano Course

Kawai piano course provides a collaboration class between Gakken Classroom and Kawai Music Classroom, where students can learn how to play the piano as well as the arithmetics and Japanese classes. We put importance on cultivating children's aesthetic sentiment.

Toddler Class

The Toddler Class is an extracurricular class for letters, numbers, wisdom, and science in a rented kindergarten or nursery school building.
We support children's preparation for school with a well-developed curriculum that has been in use for about 40 years.

Learning center/Home tutor business

We operate learning centers and cram schools that provide strong support for children's learning, as well as a service to dispatch home tutors nationwide and overseas. Group companies are also working together to constantly pursue new ways of learning that are optimal for each child.

Learning center/Cram school

Our group cram schools that have earned the trust of the community for many years by improving children's grades and pass rate at famous schools. Excellent instructors who are proud of the Gakken brand will provide guidance.

Home tutor

We introduce a tutor suitable for your child from a large database. The proven teaching system supports your child's learning along with his/her goals.

Developing educational materials for learning centers

We are also developing original educational materials to accommodate new learning opportunities. From traditional paper materials to digital materials including videos, we offer optimal learning for children through both teaching and educational materials, depending on the situation and purpose.


We offer books and magazines in many genres, mainly children's books, study-aid books and dictionaries. We are actively developing not only paper but also e-publishing.

Children's Books

Our product line, consisted of children's first books, picture books, reading materials with characters, illustrated guide, educational manga, workbooks, and other exciting items for various developmental stages of children, will help children live a fulfilling life.

Study-aid Books

We have a line of educational products tailored to each grade and subject, mainly for elementary, junior high, and high school students, ranging from basic contents to entrance examination measures. It includes educational materials for home study, schools, and entrance exams. We strive to create books that make learning fun.


Language learning materials and dictionaries for a wide range of ages, levels, and purposes allow customers to find the one that suits them. We have pursued readability and usability thoroughly over the years, especially for dictionaries, and earned the trust of our customers.

General Books/Technical Books

A wide line of products tailored to each individual's interests, including history, science, society, business, self-development, literature, medicine, nursing, and travel, are available. We stimulate customers' intellectual curiosity and provide enriching learning opportunities throughout their lives.

Practical Books

We offer an extensive range of products centered around useful ideas for everyday life, from practical books on various subjects, including cooking, homemaking, child-raising, obtaining qualifications, and day-to-day manners, to books on hobbies, such as handicraft, gardening, DIYs, and sports.


We provide the latest information that makes everyday life more enjoyable through magazines of various genres, including magazines for children and education, childcare, and puzzle magazines.

Books for Libraries

We deliver a line of books consisted of visually enjoyable books, touching books, and reference books that meet the needs of both children and adults, and are suitable for elementary, junior high, and high school libraries as well as public libraries.

Online/Digital Contents

Digitalize content for more convenient delivery. We are developing this system using various methods.

Online Classes business

We produce online video lessons, online English conversation contents, management and distribution such as "Gakken Prime Seminar" and e-learning "Gakken Nursing Support" for e-learning by trained teachers with a good proficiency for examinees aiming to pass the university in high-level.

Contents Solution business (Medical field)

We will develop web services and software in addition to digitalizing contents in the medical field and providing contents to medical devices and databases.

Educational Toys and Stationaries

Support learning at home through fun, high-quality educational toys and educational materials. We also provide better learning through value-added stationery.

Educational Toys/Learning materials/Games

We have a lineup of educational toys learning with joy, learning materials and games, such as “Gakken Newblock”, science experiment kits, card game "Algo", playing cards, and “Metal kit”series.


We do planing, development and sales for design and functional stationeries and miscellaneous goods in line with trends and lifestyles.


TOKYO GLOBAL GATEWAY, which aims to develop future global human resources, provides the pleasure of communicating in English. A hands-on English learning facility where you can practice communicating in English in a special space with a total area of 7,000 square meters.

Mock Exam Business for National Nursing Examination

We carry out mock exam classes targetting nurses for the national exam. More than 94,000 people take this mock exam every year.

For Nursery School/Kindergarten/Children's Daycare Center

All for Childen's Smiles

We offer a variety of products and services to help nurseries and kindergartens in the "sensitive period" which is said to be the most important for the development of infants.

School Supplies/Playground Equipment

Through the use of our abundant data and know-how we have accumulated over the years, such as a child's physical attributes and how they play, we offer a wide variety of items and equipment designed to be cute, fun, and easy to use.

Monthly Picture Books for Pre-school Children

Our monthly picture books fosters a child's individuality and sensitivity, as well as stimulating their curiosity and development in life. In addition, we have supplemented even more with themes such as the seasons, events, and lifestyles that closely relate to life in kindergarten. This will greatly expand the nurturing and development of a child.

Architecting Kindergarten Facilities

Kindergarten is an important space for children.We work with experienced Japanese first class qualified architects.

Seminar for Guardians/Toddler Classroom

Children smile because of cheerful teachers. A seminar for childcare workers with various types of programs to support these teachers.
We rent out a kindergarten building to offer extracurricular classes for children to learn about letters, numbers, puzzles, and science. The curriculum is firmly backed by 40 years of experience to support a child's preparation for school.

For Elementary and Junior high school

Textbook/Supplemental books/Education Information

In addition to physical and healtheducation textbooks for junior high schools, we also publish supplementary reading textbooks on physical education and morals, as well as in new fields such as primary school English activities, Notebook for improving PISA type reading skill, and information education textbooks.

Educational Books/Magazines

We publish "Education Journal" a monthly magazine for elementary and junior high school teachers, as well as educational books for educators and books for those who are taking the teacher employment examination.


We offer educational and social studies videos for schools and libraries. We also offer anime-related items.

Welfare/Health/Special Needs Education

We handle a wide range of products, including office supplies for infirmaries in elementary schools, junior high schools, and special needs schools, in addition to products related to mild developmental disorders.

For High school

Gakken Mock Exam/Various test materials

We offer a wide range of services, from mock university entrance exams to tests for basic academics and training for high schools, as well as the processing of performance data.

Gakken Short Essay

Along with correcting student's essay, we also provide educational materials and information that are related to essay writing for passing university entrance exams and improving writing ability.

Employment Support

Planning, production, sales, and management for companies employing science and engineering students and technical college students. We offer the opportunities to meet students matching the needs.

For Employing Technical College Students

"Industry Research Seminar for Technical College Students" held in 7 major cities, and the "Gakken Finding Job Research Technical College version" employment research magazine, are among the recruitment plans that attract a lot of attention from companies.

For Employing Undergraduate Students and Masters

Many students participate "Industry Research Seminar for Science and Engineering Undergraduate Students and Masters". We are operating programs that are specialized in science and engineering students, such as "Industry Study Roundtable for Mechanical, Electrical, and Information Students" which guarantees the number of booth seats.

Events operation

We support planning, management, and attracting customers during events. Please feel free to consult us about the scale of your request and the target audience.

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